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Congratulations of General Director of Group of Companies "Russian Grids" Oleg Budargin on the tenth anniversary IDGC of Centre

17 December 2014

Dear friends and colleagues!

On behalf of the many thousands’ team of the Group of Companies "Russian Grids" I congratulate you on the tenth anniversary of IDGC of Centre! Effective organization of work, high professionalism and responsibility of employees for all these years allowed to expand production, economic and intellectual potential of the electric grid complex of the Central Federal District.

The company was and remains one of the most important guarantees of social and economic stability of regions assigned to it, providing conditions for the dynamic development of the subjects, helping to create a comfortable environment for human habitation.

Today IDGC of Centre within the Group of Companies "Russian Grids" takes an active part in the implementation of priority national projects. The results of this fruitful work are hundreds of modern and high-tech power facilities that provide electricity to advanced science-intensive production of a number of sectors of the domestic economy, industrial and agricultural enterprises, health care, education and culture, socially significant facilities.

The basis of these achievements is the people. The cohesive team, rich corporate culture, professional traditions of IDGC of Centre are the key to the dynamic development of the electric grid complex of the country.

I wish you new victories, success and trouble-free operation!

Oleg Budargin,
Group of Companies "Russian Grids"

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