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IDGC of Centre announced winners of the regional competition for the best lesson on electrical safety

15 December 2014

Winners and prize holders were more than thirty teachers and schoolchildren who presented their works in six categories. The ceremony took place in the Belgorod branch of the company with the participation of representatives of the Regional Department of Education and the Belgorod Institute for Educational Development.

The competition for the best electrical safety classes was established by power engineers in conjunction with the Department of Education back in 2010 and all this time is held under the auspices of the Belgorod Institute for Educational Development. Its main task is with common efforts to draw public attention to the problem of children’s electric injuries and create methodological basis for teaching electrical safety in schools and preschools of the region.

For five years more than 450 teachers in various fields were its participants: life safety, primary school, physics, technology, English, who prepared and carried out over 500 unique lessons, classroom hours, and extracurricular activities.

This year 108 teachers from 44 schools and 18 preschools of the region competed for the victory fought. Children took part in the competition for the first time, because the regulation on the competition had a new nomination for "Best Children's project on electrical safety among schoolchildren in primary and high schools".

In determining the best of the best not only the use of non-traditional forms of lessons was considered, but also the application of multimedia, technical training aids, teaching materials and handouts.

Presenting awards to winners, First Deputy General Director - Chief Engineer of IDGC of Centre Alexander Pilyugin noted that the purpose of the teachers’ competition goes beyond pedagogy and, mainly, is the need to warn children, talk about the risks they are exposed to in the vicinity of power facilities: "Unfortunately it is not always possible to reach the modern younger generation, so it is necessary to use non-standard forms of activities that will help learn vital information and prevent the deadly threat posed by the lack of knowledge of basic electrical safety rules."

This year's winners are named in five adult and one child categories. The best lesson on electrical safety in preschools was held by educators of Novooskolsky kindergarten # 10 Tatiana Sidorova, Elena Kovaleva, Olga Mikhaylenko and Elena Eremina. Alexander Volochaev, a teacher from Valuysky high school with in-depth study of specific subjects, was recognized as the author of the best lesson in a primary school. The winner in the nomination "The best lesson on electrical safety in a primary and high school" became a Dubovskaya high school teacher Lyubov Tsepilova, in the nomination "The best event on electrical safety outside school hours in a primary school" - a Razumenskaya high school #1 teacher Nadezhda Sologub. The best event on electrical safety outside school hours in secondary and high schools was organized by Andrey Shestopalov and Lyudmila Sereda, teachers from Volokonovsky Secondary School # 1. The winner in the category "Best Children's project on electrical safety" was Diana Reshetnikova, a pupil of secondary school # 43 of the city of Belgorod.

According to Head of general, preschool and additional education of the Department of Education of the region Galina Izvekova the joint interagency competition brings together all those who are responsible for the electrical safety of children - power engineers, parents and teachers. Thematic lessons prepared and carried out in schools and kindergartens of the region allow in an accessible and understandable form to explain to children the basic rules of handling electricity. "Often children are not aware of the danger posed by electricity. Thanks to the clarity and innovative approaches to explain the basic rules of electrical safety the children not only remember, but also strictly follow the recommendations of teachers, power engineers, tell their friends about heard in the classroom. Everyone should not only know the rules of electrical safety, but also be able to provide first aid, not to get lost in a difficult situation," stressed Galina Izvekova.

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