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IDGC of Centre completes reconstruction of the substations "Khimmash" and "South"

15 December 2014

During the implementation of the investment program IDGC of Centre carries out reconstruction of the 110/6 kV Substation "Khimmash" and 110/10 "South". The performed work will allow significantly to improve the reliability of power supply of the city of Orel and the Orel region.

The need for the reconstruction of the 110/6 kV Substation Khimmash and 110/10 kV Substation South is associated with a high level of wear and tear and obsolescence because of its long-term operation and a large number of socio-critical facilities, which these supply centres feed. Source of funding for the reconstruction was the investment program of the branch within the targeted program for improving reliability of electric grids. Projects for each substation provide for removal of obsolete equipment at outdoor 110 kV switchgear and installation of new modern equipment.

In particular, a modular substation control building, microprocessor protection, automation and control of a power transformer, 110 kV disconnectors with remote control, gas-insulated switches instead of isolators and short-circuiters, installation of gas-insulated current transformers, surge suppressors, automation of operating current control and replacement of all control wiring cables.

The 110/6 kV substation Khimmash under reconstruction is in Factory district of the city of Orel and is located in the former factory "Khimmash". This project will improve the reliability of power supply of a large number of small industrial enterprises in the territory of the industrial site, and a new residential neighbourhood and the largest in the city tourist multi-functional facility. At the construction site more than half of the reconstructed equipment has already been put into operation and the rest of the equipment is under commissioning completion. It is planned to fully commission the facility by the end of this year.

The 110/10 kV substation "South" is located in the village of Znamenka in Orel district. It feeds such large consumers as Saburovsky greenhouses, a cattle farm Lavrovo, Orel poultry and water supply facilities that provide water to the city of Orel. This project will allow to improve the reliability of power supply to all consumers of the substation, as well as automate control and data acquisition of operation modes of equipment and energy consumption. Currently, the work at the substation has been fully completed, the equipment has successfully been put into operation.

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