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IDGC of Centre approved its Staffing and Social Policy

1 December 2014

November 28 at the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of IDGC of Centre the Staffing and Social Policy of the company was approved, designed to meet the Development Strategy of the electric grid complex of Russia. It defines the priorities and directions of the Company in the field of human resource management, personnel development, and work in the field of social enhancement.

"In the development of this document we tried to reflect the current and forecasted staffing situation, apply the best practices and approaches to work with the staff," stresses Deputy General Director for Human Resource Management and Organizational Design Inna Gromova.

The document, developed on the basis of the staffing and social policy of JSC "Russian Grids", establishes the basic principles and methods of work with the staff in the power grid companies. In particular, it defines the basic provisions in organizational design, management of the staffing number, staff availability and development, as well as in the field of personnel performance management, social benefits and guarantees, ensures the safety of staff activities and work culture, oversees the implementation of the policy and its actualization.

The policy is developed based on an analysis of the current and forecasted staffing situation in the Company and external factors (the key trends and prospects of their changes) that may have impact on the human resources of the Company.

So, the main external factors affecting the staffing situation in the Company were identified as follows: the complicated demographic situation, the lack of skilled employees, the requirements of indexation of income of workers.

The key objectives of the staffing and social policy is the timely provision of the Company's staffing needs with required qualifications, as well as their efficiency, productivity growth.

The strengths of the staffing situation in the Company include the positive dynamics of the level of personnel availability for the past seven years, a consistently high level of staffing since 2009 - an average of more than 96%. It is worth noting that the level of wages of employees of the Company as a whole exceeds the average income in the regions of its service area.

Employees are also provided with a competitive range of social benefits and guarantees enshrined with the collective agreement. The company has its own training centres and collaborates with Federal State Budget Institution of Higher Education "National Research University "MPEI" in terms of training the employees.

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