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Representatives of IDGC of Centre and the primary trade union organization of the company discussed further ways to improve their work

28 November 2014

IDGC of Centre hosted a meeting of the trade union committee of the primary trade union organization. Among others, Chairman of the primary trade union organization Victor Ablezgov and representatives of the executive office of IDGC of Centre - Deputy General Director for Economy and Finance Sergey Rumyantsev and Head of HR Management Department Natalia Bulan, Head of Labour Organization and Motivation Office Anna Konstantinova took part in it. During the meeting the participants discussed the financial position of the company and measures to ensure social stability used in the company.

The employer’s representatives answered questions of the trade union organization in terms of forecasts of the company, its economic stability and plans for 2015, features of the budget of the company for 2015. During the meeting the representatives of the energy company and the trade union organization exchanged operational information on the social situation in the labour collectives of branches of IDGC of Centre, and also heard reports on the implementation of the work plan of the branches of trade unions, planned events dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the company, discussed the fulfillment of the obligations of the employer under the collective agreement in 2014.

The parties noted the constructive nature of the meeting and the important role of the constant interaction of the employer and the primary trade union organization in order to maintain the social stability atmosphere in the team.

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