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IDGC of Centre continues to introduce children to energy conservation

20 November 2014

IDGC of Centre continues to implement the project "Energy Saving Lessons" in secondary schools in all regions of the company’s service area. To date, more than 120 lessons have been already held, by the end of the year specialists of branches plan to conduct about 200 lessons more.

The project "Energy Saving Lessons" was launched in September 2014. Its main purpose is to attract children's attention to the issues of intended and rational use of energy, and to acquaint them with effective ways of energy conservation. As methodical material the power engineers use presentations of winners of the "Energy saving – about the complex in simple words", which was held earlier among the company’s employees.

To make their classes informative and entertaining, IDGC of Centre’s staff use different methods and techniques. For example, in lessons for primary grades the specialists pay special attention to how children adjust emotionally to the perception of the theme of energy conservation. A distinctive character – electric vehicle Elektrosha helps the youngest pupils remember all pieces of advice, and the lesson is held in the form of a fascinating journey through a magical land "Energy Saving". Lessons for middle school pupils are conducted in the form of a team play, in which children receive energy rubles for each correct answer. For their winnings at the end of lessons the children get prizes and souvenirs. All schoolchildren are demonstrated energy-saving lamps, compact solar panels, told about the energy auditor profession, and with the help of a thermal imager children are given an opportunity to look for possible leak of heat in the classroom.

In addition, in October 2014 in the Belgorod Energy Efficiency Centre there was a Master class for children with participation of representatives of the Ministry of Education and Energy Agency of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation. In the Orel region under the "Energy Saving Lessons" the "Motor rally of energy efficiency" was held, where an electric vehicle was used as transportation means. The power engineers delivered lectures on energy saving in 26 schools in districts of the region and the city of Orel. One could follow the course of the project on the interactive map on the website of the company.

As part of the "Energy Saving Lessons" in all branches of IDGC of Centre there was a contest of children's drawings "Energy saving through children's eyes". This format allowed school-age children to better understand the basic principles of energy conservation and create some responsible attitude towards saving energy. Currently the branches are summarizing the creative competition. Thus, by simple examples schoolchildren can see how easy to save energy at home, and most importantly, how important it is today to be engaged in energy saving, to conserve natural resources.

Preliminary results of the "Energy Saving Lessons" show high interest and readiness of the education system to the implementation of training programs for energy conservation and energy efficiency for schools. It is possible that in the near future the topic of energy conservation will be discussed with schoolchildren in thematic class hours, lessons or electives on nature, economy and ecology.

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