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IDGC of Centre informs owners of multi-tariff metering devices on the need and the order of their reprogramming

23 October 2014

In order to ensure correct data metering IDGC of Centre informs consumers about the need to bring the internal clock of electric power meters and software and hardware systems of electricity metering in accordance with the amendments to Federal Law № 107-FZ "On the Calculation of Time" entering into force on 26.10.2014.

Federal Law № 107-FZ "On the Calculation of Time" is amended, according to which the concept of "Moscow Time", "time zone" is clarified and the Moscow time is set as the starting time of the calculation time in time zones and corresponds to the third time zone in the national time scale of the Russian Federation UTC (SU) +3 (the so-called permanent winter time).

The Federal Law provides that the seasonal time shift is not carried out. The Federal Law determined eleven time zones in the Russian Federation, as well as their composition in subjects of the Russian Federation. The Federal Law shall enter into force on October 26, 2014 at 2 o'clock 00 minutes a.m.

In connection with the amendments to Federal Law № 107-FZ "On the Calculation of Time", please, be informed that the Records of the turnover (metering), reflecting the hourly totals of electricity generated, received (transmitted) and consumed by all without exception groups of points of delivery (POD), generation PODs and cross-sections of commercial metering of wholesale customers, as well as the results of measurements at measurement points must contain for the day and night changing time zones of 25 hours (50 half-hour) intervals. Features of the formation of the above documents are given in the Explanation of the formation of the layout on the website of OJSC "ATS"

For retail electricity customers, businesses and entities, calculated on the hourly rates and the time zone rates (at different rates during the day and night), in connection with the shift to the winter time, in order to avoid increasing the payments for electricity, "clocks" of electricity meters will also need to be adjusted. For clarification and ordering the service to reprogram meters, users should contact the serving resource supplying organization or grid company and provide access to the metering device to specialists. Consumers can get information about the meter reprogramming and other services, provided by the company, by contacting the Customer Service Centres, Distribution Zones via the "hot line" phone of power engineers at 8-800-50-50-115 and online on IDGC of Centre’s web-site at

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