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A new substation "Carash" was commissioned in the Yaroslavl region

1 October 2014

IDGC of Centre - Yarenergo division and the company YarEGC jointly completed the repair and re-equipment of the 35 kV substation "Carash" and the overhead line "Kulakovskaya" in Rostovsky district of the Yaroslavl region.

At the substation 6 kV switchgear was reconstructed with replacement of oil circuit breakers with vacuum ones, equipment in 35 kV outdoor switchgear was overhauled, two power transformers were renovated, relay protection and automation systems were brought in proper condition. The overhead line was repaired and ROW along it was cleared. In cooperation with the Yaroslavl branch of IDGC of Centre a new distribution substation 6/10 kV "Osnik" was constructed. Backup power supply to consumers of Yarenergo’s networks is provided through it.

A year ago these facilities belonged to other owners, their technical condition was poor, and the last repair was carried out over 20 years ago. Residents of the settlement of Carash and neighbouring localities of Petrovsky rural settlement suffered from constant power failures. In December 2013 Yaroslavl Electric Grid Company (YarEGC) acquired this substation and leased the line feeding it. A number of technical measures was taken as a result of which the facilities are ready for the seasonal peak loads of the upcoming autumn-winter period.

YarEGC also serves other facilities in Rostovsky distirct, in particular, the 35 kV substations "Shchebzavod" and "Dertnikovskaya". They also underwent all the necessary measures to prepare for the winter operation, including the reconstruction of electric networks of the settlement of Gorny, powered from the substation "Scherbzavod".

"The situation in Petrovsky is a perfect example of how the policy of consolidation works. Territorial grid companies brought the facilities to the poor state, jeopardizing electricity supply of the residents. Our colleagues from YarEGC took these facilities to service. As a result, consumers receive electricity according to standards of the country's largest power company. Our goal is to cover the whole territory of the Yaroslavl region with this standard, this level of reliability," stressed Director of Yarenergo Konstantin Kotikov.

For reference:

OJSC "YarEGC" is a joint project of IDGC of Centre and the Government of the Yaroslavl region. The company's main task is to integrate the municipal and departmental grid assets in the region, followed by transfer to the ownership of IDGC of Centre. Consolidation of electric grids is a part of the execution of a number of regulations, including the Strategy for the Development of the electric grid complex of the Russian Federation approved by Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation № 511-r dated April 3, 2013.

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