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IDGC of Centre completed the reconstruction of a substation in the settlement of Kolpny

22 September 2014

As part of the investment program IDGC of Centre - Orelenergo division reconstructed the 110/35/10 kV substation "Kolpny". The project cost about 64 million rubles.

The substation was put into operation in 1972. It supplies electricity to most of the settlement of Kolpny, an elevator, a consumer society, a petroleum tank farm, a sugar factory, the farm "Youth", and the Bakery. The reason for its reconstruction was a global project to organize transit connection with a 110 kV overhead transmission line between the substations "Novopolevo", "Maloarkhangelskaya", "Kolpny" and "Livny", which allows to continue to provide reliable and uninterrupted power supply to several districts of the Orel region. The reconstruction of the substation "Kolpny" is the first phase of this major investment project.

During the implementation of the investment project 110 kV outdoor switchgear was reconstructed, and two bays of the outgoing overhead lines of 110 kV with a 110 kV gas insulated circuit breaker were installed. A 110 kV gas insulated busbar sectionalizing switch, a mobile substation control building, microprocessor-based protection of two transformers and two outgoing overhead lines of 110 kV "Livny-Kolpny" and "Kolpny-Maloarkhangelskaya" were also installed.

The work performed will not only significantly improve the reliability of power supply of Kolpnyansky district and support large enterprises such as the elevator, the sugar factory and bakery, but will also create favourable conditions for the development of the food industry, agriculture and agribusiness throughout the Orel region.

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