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IDGC of Centre holds the Gathering of Young Professionals "I am a young leader"

5 September 2014

5 to 6 September in Belgorod about a hundred young professionals from 11 branches of IDGC of Centre take part in a youth gathering on the 10th anniversary of the company. The main motto of the event is "I am a young leader". The gathering provides for a training program for two full days with a renowned business coach, a consultant on strategic development Stas Kuzavov.

According to the chief specialist of the recruiting and staffing of IDGC of Centre - Chairman of the Youth Council of Denis Chernykh, one of the main objectives of the event is the formation of a youth talent pool, creating conditions for the development of management skills of young professionals, the future leaders of the company.

The program consists of four main blocks of training and workshops, providing testing and group work. During the event the young power engineers will get the basics of team building, will compete with the stereotypes, will work on personal effectiveness, and learn to manage their own thinking. The coach's job with the audience is based on the breakthrough technology - to overcome barriers and removal of restrictions.

"The basic idea of the breakthrough technology is to "remove the bar" at the middle management and make it "lighter" and more operational, to eliminate stereotypes that hinder individual development," says Stas Kuzavov. "In fact, it is a revolution in consciousness, and to get the desired result, sometimes you need to get away from a state of rest and comfort, every day to make new experiences and new result."

The first block of coaching with the audience focuses on improving personal effectiveness of the participants, their self-organization and self-development. Only then can we begin to create a model of managerial behaviour, including key aspects of motivating staff, the rules of delegation of authority, criticism and promotion, management and regulation of activity. It is equally important to identify the young staff leadership skills and teach them to manage their own thinking and their subordinates on the basis of their shared values and ideology of IDGC of Centre.

According to Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo division director Roman Tkachenko, the company is interested in a qualitative leap of internal corporate culture and puts big hopes on the very young people, who should be the driving force of growth and development. "The key objective of IDGC of Centre is its constant growth. Each passing day should be more effective than the previous one. If it does not, it means that we do not spread to the maximum, and this already leads to stagnation in thought and action, and does not contribute to the achievement of the goals set," explained Roman. "I would like to note that the Belgorodenergo branch was selected as the venue for the gathering this year. This suggests that we have created all the conditions for the preparation of an effective talent pool."

Adviser to General Director - Chairman of the primary trade union organization of IDGC of Centre Victor Ablezgov noted that such events are very important and very interesting: "Any gatherings are useful because they give young people an opportunity to meet, discuss pressing issues and to exchange views. In addition, it is easier to stir up the youth, to teach to think creatively and make unconventional decisions. I'm sure the training will help identify the true leaders who both the company and the industry really needs today."

Similar events are held at IDGC of Centre regularly to identify and develop with the young staff leadership, custom, individual approach to the realization of ideas. However, according to participants in the gathering, the today's event is special - it allows to unlock the creative potential, look at the problem from a different angle, to remove internal constraints and, most importantly, to feel part of a large and professional team.

According to the results of the gathering, each participant will receive a certificate of training.

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