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IDGC of Centre’s management checked the progress of preparation of Tambovenergo for the autumn-winter operation period

19 August 2014

IDGC of Centre - Tambovenergo division under the leadership of Deputy General Director for Technical Issues - Chief Engineer of IDGC of Centre Alexander Pilyugin held a production meeting on the preparation of the branch for the autumn-winter 2014-2015 operation period. The event was attended by Chief Inspector of the Regional Directorate of Technical Supervision of Centre of a branch of JSC "Russian Grids" - Centre for Technical Supervision Alexander Pertsev, representatives of Tambovenergo’s management and its subdivisions.

In the first part of the meeting they heard reports on the implementation of maintenance and investment programs of the branch in the current year, the targeted program to improve the reliability of the electric grid complex of Tambovenergo in the coming autumn and winter period.

For 2014 the branch scheduled 96 events in preparation for the autumn-winter period. They are primarily focused on the timely implementation of master plans and major repairs, maintenance and repair of equipment, clearing ROWs of overhead lines, vehicles maintenance, staff training and their provision with protection means, elimination of "bottlenecks", implementation of the requirements of regulatory bodies. 36 activities have been currently performed in full by the power engineers, and the rest will be completed by September 30th.

Emergency reserve of Tambovenergo is staffed by 99% and dispersed in 17 Distribution Zones and 10 sites of services of substations and power lines, based on the possibility of delivery of materials and equipment as soon as possible to sites of accidents. The maximum distance from the storage of an emergency reserve to a possible fault location of overhead power lines and substation equipment is 50 km.

The branch formed 10 mobile crews totalling 60 people who are provided with new special vehicles (crew vehicles, aerials), fully equipped with electric protective and personal protective gear, all necessary equipment, and ready to act in any emergency situation.

The meeting continued in the course of a working trip to power facilities of Tambovenergo - 110 kV substations "Tambov #6" and "Tambov #8", which are currently under a large-scale reconstruction. Substation "Tambov #8" is the largest feeding centre of the northern part of Tambov, one of the most ambitious projects in the investment program of Tambovenergo for 2014. The need to modernize it was caused by the fact that the north of Tambov is the most modern and dynamic part of the city, including in the field of housing and social facilities. In recent years, there several large estates have been erected there - "Moscow", "Rainbow", "Sunny", "Cozy", and in the near future it is planned to build a number of new housing estates. Ensuring their energy supply will require additional power capacity. The reconstruction of Substation "Tambov #8" is directed to solve this very problem: after its completion the second transformer capacity of the power facility will be increased from 16 MVA to 40 MVA. In addition, it will be equipped with modern facilities and the latest security and fire alarm systems.

Summing up the meeting, Deputy General Director for Technical Issues - Chief Engineer of IDGC of Centre Alexander Pilyugin noted with satisfaction that the preparations for the operation through the upcoming autumn-winter period in Tambovenergo is in strict accordance with the approved work plan. "The branch has been actively performing the preparatory work, during which the staff demonstrates professionalism. It allows hoping that the main document – the Certificate of readiness for the autumn-winter operation period - will be obtained by Tambovenergo on time," stressed Alexander Pilyugin.

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