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IDGC of Centre does enhanced control over power equipment in a heat wave

13 August 2014

In connection with the established in the Central Federal District abnormally hot weather in five branches of IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo, Voronezhenergo, Kurskenergo, Lipetskenergo and Tambovenergo - high alert operation mode was engaged in case of response to emergency situations.

According to the Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia, in the coming days the maximum temperature in a number of localities of the CFD is to be above normal by 7-10 °C. In such weather conditions the risk of forest and man-made fires and accidents at energy facilities gets increased.

In order to ensure reliable power supply to consumers the company is performing additional inspections of electrical installations and power lines. Particular attention is given to check the operation of oil-filled equipment at 35-110 kV substations. Power engineers are checking serviceability and performance of cooling systems of power transformers. Operators continuously monitor the electrical load on lines and transformers.

Fire safety measures at power facilities of the company's branches have been enhanced - the firefighting condition of facilities and equipment was checked, availability and serviceability of the primary means of extinguishing and water supply for fire fighting was verified, and the condition of access roads to water and fire hydrants was checked.

In addition, the power engineers have enhanced control of the fire situation in exclusion zones of high-voltage power lines to prevent the possibility of fire going to energy facilities. Particular attention is given to the exchange of information with regional and municipal authorities, territorial authorities of EMERCOM of Russia and regional grid control centres.

For prompt removal of possible technological failures the duty of decision makers, mobile and additional crews was organized in the branches. Currently 421 first responding crews composed of 2,377 people and 589 vehicles are standby. If necessary, the branches can attract additional staff for restoration efforts. The power engineers, working in the heat, are continuously provided with drinking water, for them additional briefings on safety and first aid at heat stroke are given.

Specialists also conduct additional outreach to the public about the dangers of being near electrical installations and overhead power lines. In the exclusion zones it is strictly forbidden to make fire, store lubricants, place household waste and rubbish near substations and power lines.

At the time of the high alert operation mode in the service area of the five branches of IDGC of Centre the performance of planned work will be kept to a minimum, electricity will be supplied to consumers as usual.


Joint Stock Company "Russian Grids" (JSC "Russian Grids") is the largest in Russia and worldwide energy company, providing the transmission and distribution of electricity. The length of power lines of the Company is 2.3 million kilometers, transformer power of 463 thousand substations is 726 gigavolt-amps. The number of employees of the Group of Companies "Russian Grids" is 213 thousand people. The property of the Company includes stock shares of 43 subsidiaries and affiliates, including stakes in 11 interregional, 5 regional grid companies and shareholding in the Federal Grid Company. Controlling shareholder is the state, which owns shares in the authorized capital in the amount of 61.7%.

Interregional Distribution Grid Company of Centre, Joint Stock Company (IDGC of Centre) is the largest in the Russian Federation Interregional Distribution Grid Company, the controlling stake of which (50.23%) is owned by JSC "Russian Grids" exercising control over IDGC/DGC with corporate methods (through Boards of Directors). Controlling shareholder is the state, which owns 61.7% of the authorized capital of JSC "Russian Grids".

The labour collective of IDGC of Centre has more than 30 thousand people. In general, the share of IDGC of Centre in the market of electric energy transmission in regions of its service area is about 83%; the company's share of grid connections in the Belgorod, Bryansk, Voronezh, Kostroma, Kursk, Lipetsk, Orel, Smolensk, Tambov, Tver, and Yaroslavl regions (in an area of 457,700 square kilometers) is about 87%.

The main shareholder of IDGC of Centre, except JSC "Russian Grids", is the company GenholdLimited. The free float is 25% of IDGC of Centre. The number of shareholders is more than 16 000. The ticker on the stock exchange: Moscow Exchange — MRKC. Tickers: Bloomberg — MRKC RX, Reuters — MRKC.MM.

Production potential of IDGC of Centre is 2,300 substations of 35-110 kV with a total capacity of 32,600 MVA and 90,200 substations of 6-10 kV with a total capacity of more than 16 500 MVA. The total length of power lines of 0.4 to 110 kV is 379 thousand kilometers.

The main strategic priorities of IDGC of Centre are to provide reliable, continuous and quality power supply to consumers; improving the quality and reliability of services rendered; increasing efficiency of investments; energy conservation and reduction of losses; improving the efficiency of operating costs; improved interaction with customers, the society and investors.

On February 1, 2013 the Bryansk, Kursk and Orel regions and on April 25, 2013 the Tver region of IDGC of Centre were transferred retail functions to.

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