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Head of "Russian Grids" and IDGC of Centre’s management discussed measures to support agricultural and food industry enterprises

8 August 2014

General Director of JSC "Russian Grids" Oleg Budargin held a production meeting with heads of industrial, financial, economic, investment and human resource units of IDGC of Centre.

The main theme of the meeting was to discuss the measures to support by the Group of Companies of "Russian Grids" and IDGC of Centre, in particular, the domestic food industry and agricultural producers. According to Head of JSC "Russian Grids", support of agricultural enterprises and providing them with reliable energy supply is a priority for the electric grid complex.

During the meeting General Director of JSC "Russian Grids" instructed IDGC of Centre’s management as soon as possible to conclude an agreement with the executive authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation, located in the regions of the company's operations, providing for specific measures to support agricultural enterprises.

These agreements should include a number of measures, including the maximum simplification of the grid connection procedure and minimizing connection fees to the grid for enterprises of the industry, installment payments, supporting tariff decisions, as well as a high level of synchronization of plans of the subjects of the Russian Federation to create food industry enterprises in accordance with the location scheme of available feeding centres of IDGC of Centre.

Another important theme of the meeting was the progress of the preparation program of IDGC of Centre for the winter peak loads. Head of "Russian Grids" was reported to: for the first half of the year the implementation of the repair program of IDGC of Centre is ahead of plan. During the reporting period 2,849 km of overhead power lines (Conductors) of 35-110 kV and 6,045 km of 0.4-10 kV were overhauled, which is 109% and 110% of the schedule accordingly. 2,562 transformer substations were renovated, which is 11% above the planned values. In the first half of the year 7,456 hectares of ROWs along overhead lines were cleared, which is higher than the targets by 18%. As part of the investment program 1,336 kilometres of power lines and 180 MVA of transformer capacity were commissioned.

During the meeting it was noted that currently IDGC of Centre has formed 1,406 crews to perform first responding and restoration operations. A fleet of standby power sources was created, and emergency stock making is being performed at a faster pace.

Head of "Russian Grids" noted the positive dynamics of the plan of activities for the preparation of IDGC of Centre to operate through the autumn-winter period, having set a task not to reduce the pace of work to prepare for the autumn-winter 2014/2015 operation period to ensure the operational reliability of company.

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