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On the third competition day IDGC of Centre’ team passed two stages

7 August 2014

Since the opening of the Inter-regional competition of JSC "Russian Grids" IDGC of Centre’s team has gone through three stages, with a total of 497 points. On the third day the crew successfully coped with the fire-fighting at a 10/0.4 kV package transformer substation and passed the stage of replacement of insulated wire at an insulated 0.4 kV Conductor.

Stage number seven, during which the power engineers extinguished fire at a package transformer substation, brought IDGC of Centre’s team the maximum score. The task consisted of two parts. First, the participants prepared a workplace and performed all necessary procedures for a fire fighting crew work clearance. In the second sub-step the fire was extinguished at the very power facility using protective equipment and emergency firefighting equipment.

To perform the first stage the power engineers of Central Russia spent 28 minutes of the allotted 33. Each participant was given one and a half minutes to do the second one. Roman Golovin and Vladimir Bogdanov showed the best results, having coped with the fire extinguishing for 1 minute 09 seconds each.

At the stage of replacement of insulated wire IDGC of Centre’s team failed to fully demonstrate their skills. Coordinator of Production Control Service of IDGC of Centre Nikolay Kubrak noted: "At this stage we have not achieved the maximum result. The team prepared well, but some excitement might have impact."

Today the crew starts passing the stage on examination of existing rules, regulations and standards. Testing at this stage is conducted on computers using specialized software "ASOP-Expert" and includes questions about the Rules for Technical Maintenance, the Operational Code for Electrical Installations, fire safety regulations and others. Each team member must answer 40 questions and be within 40 minutes.

Tomorrow the team will be to pass the stage on replacement of an intermediate reinforced concrete pole on a 10 kV overhead line with hoisting devices.

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