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IDGC of Centre stores energy of generations

5 August 2014

On the anniversary of the company a branch of IDGC of Centre organized a large-scale social action "Energy of generations", during which the best representatives of youth and veterans' councils of all the regions, where the company operates, met to keep the tradition of continuity between generations and to honour veterans of the power industry.

The electricity sector is rich in traditions, the most important of them is the transfer of accumulated over the years experience of the grid complex development, mentoring young professionals by experienced fellow veterans, which is respected by power engineers of IDGC of Centre throughout the country. Last week on the Orel ground the best representatives of the youth and veterans' councils from 11 branches of IDGC of Centre gathered at IDGC of Centre - Orelenergo division for the exchange of experiences and to maintain the continuity of generations.

"The change of generations is a deeper phenomenon than it seems at first glance. I think it provides a huge share of the responsibility of each of us. Over the last 50 years a whole era and many generations of power engineers changed. Each of them, going from the stage of public life, leaves a rich legacy in the form of material and spiritual values. Our well-being, success, professional achievements depend on how each generation is able to preserve, develop and transmit that inheritance to a next one. Continuity is our primordial tradition, this is our future. I want to express my special thanks to our veterans, those who stood at the origins of the power system and devoted their entire life to it. Your work, energy and determination could truly change the world!" stressed Acting Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre - Orelenergo division director Igor Kolubanov.

The meeting of the power engineers, dedicated to connection of times and generations, involuntarily turned to the history of the city of Orel. Thus, the cultural program was opened with a sightseeing tour of the city: the power engineers visited the heart of Orel – the confluence of the Oka and Orlik rivers and the foundation of the city. Here there is one of the attractions of Orel – an obelisk in honour of quater-centenary of the city. The guests also visited literary places in the city – the famous monuments to Leskov, Bunin and Turgenev. And energy facilities were paid attention to – at the substation "West", one of the largest and most modern energy facilities of the electric power grid of the Orel land, welcomed the guests. They were shown how the substation operated, what modern equipment it had.

"The work of power engineers is hard and selfless. It is necessary to love your work with all your heart, to take it as an integral part of life. Our veterans teach young power engineers this and much more. Now the young professionals have a unique opportunity to learn from the professionals who created the grid, standing at its very roots. The energy of the youth and the wisdom of the older generations allow the energy complex to evolve and to keep pace with the time," Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre Inna Gromova is sure about.

As the festivities took place on the eve of the city day and the liberation from Nazi invaders, most of them were devoted to military and patriotic themes. The invited visited the military-historical museum-diorama "Orel – Kursk battle" where the power engineers spoke about the liberation history and significant battles in the Orel land.

Getting to know the museum exhibits continued in the village of Vyazhi in Novosilsky district. The memorial and historical complex "Vyazhi" is a picturesque place, being infamous with bloody battles in 1943, played an important role in the Great Patriotic War. It is here that the Soviet troops launched a decisive attack, thus breaking through the enemy defenses and opening the way for the liberation of Orel and the entire Orel land. The power engineers laid flowers on the mass grave and honoured the war heroes with a moment of silence.

"I'm for the first time in Vyazhi, a heroic corner of the Orel land. This truly holy place stirs high feelings. Although we communicate with colleagues all the time, the today's meeting is particularly warm, pleasant and homelike. Initially, the event was conceived as an additional work catalyst for the continuation, strengthening and development of the traditions that already exist in the company. As a result, we got something much more - we saw what sincere, pure feelings the event aroused in each of us. I hope this pulse of energy will not go out, but will continue to be transmitted further on," underlined Chairman of the primary trade union of IDGC of Centre Victor Ablezgov.

Without prejudice to the front traditions they dined by all the rules of war – the visitors were offered real soldier's porridge from the field kitchen. Under such a treat involuntarily they remembered interesting stories and songs of war, the veterans-power engineers were willing to share with the young people their stories about how in different regions after the war they developed the country's power system from ruins.

The commemorative meeting ended with a solemn presentation of gifts, the visitors took home great photos, an unforgettable experience and a lot of warm words from their colleagues.

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