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"Russian Grids" develop infrastructure for electric vehicles in cities of the UNESCO World Heritage List

23 July 2014

"Russian Grids", IDGC of Centre - a daughter company and the Mayor’s Office of the City of Yaroslavl signed an agreement to develop charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in the city. The signature on the document was put by First Deputy Mayor of the City of Yaroslavl Alexander Nechaev, First Deputy General Director for Technical Policy of JSC "Russian Grids" Roman Berdnikov and Deputy General Director for Technical Issues – Chief Engineer of IDGC of Centre Alexander Pilyugin. "Cooperation of the Government of the Yaroslavl region with "Russian Grids" promotes the development of industry, agriculture and improvement of the quality of life of the population of the region as a whole," stressed Sergey Yastrebov. "Today we are implementing a joint project: the Yaroslavl region will be a pilot area for the electric bus implementation. This eco-friendly mode of transport is intended for use in the area of UNESCO."

The agreement was signed in order to improve public transport services and create conditions for the implementation of measures for energy conservation and improvement of the ecological state of the Yaroslavl region, as well as the implementation of the use of innovative, advanced technologies in the field of passenger transport. The first vehicle will be on the route in August this year. It is expected that the electric bus will run through the historic centre, Kotorosl waterfront to CEC. The company "Russian Grids" plans in the first stage to provide two energy charging points. Next in Yaroslavl there will be three other charging points – for electric vehicles.

According to Roman Berdnikov the electric vehicle development project in the Yaroslavl region has great prospects. "International experience shows that the implementation of electric vehicles is a very promising direction in the development of the transport system," said Roman Berdnikov. "Electric vehicles are the most environmentally friendly mode of transport, and the demand for such vehicles will grow. This type of transport is optimal in terms of historical cities, and we are pleased that we are starting the electric bus development project in Yaroslavl, a city rich in history, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List," said Roman Berdnikov.

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