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IDGC of Centre eliminates power shortage in Rakityansky district of the Belgorod region

7 May 2014

IDGC of Centre is starting on a major investment project to eliminate power shortage in Rakityansky district of the Belgorod region. Power engineers are reconstructing the existing 35 kV substation "Malinovka" and transfer it to the voltage of 110 kV. The capacity of the feeding centre will increase from 20 to 32 MVA, and Rakityansky district will be able to connect new customers.

The substation 35/10 kV "Malinovka" is a key supply centre of Rakityansky district of the Belgorod region, which feeds industrial, agricultural facilities and residential customers. Among them there is a large agricultural holding "BEZRK Belgrankorm", which power consumption in the coming year or two can reach about 20 MW.

In the near future the power shortage for this supply centre will be 14 MVA. For reliable power supply of enterprises and subject to long-term development of the industrial cluster it is planned for two years to reconstruct the substation "Malinovka", transfer it to 110 kV and include into the transit of the 110 kV overhead line Tomarovka – Gotnya, for which about 10 km of overhead lines will be constructed additionally.

At the new feeding centre the power engineers will install two power transformers of 16 MVA each. Outdoor 110 kV switchgear is designed as a modular building with the installation of disconnectors with electric drives and polymeric pole and rod insulation. All equipment will be protected from overvoltage and equipped with a set of microprocessor relay protection, which in real time will be able to monitor performance of the power facility and instantly respond to emergency situations.

The project involves the use of modern energy-saving equipment: infrared heaters with automatic control and LED lighting. This will allow to reduce power consumption for utility needs up to 30%.

In addition, the power engineers will fully reconstruct 35 kV and 10 kV switchgear, and taps of the 35 kV overhead power lines "Rakitnoye – Dmitrievka" and "Zavidovka – Vengerovka". The power supply system of the district will additionally include about 5 km of 35 kV overhead lines.

Upon completion of the reconstruction the substation capacity will increase to 32 MVA, it will be able to unload the 110 kV substation "Rakitnoye", and thereby improve the reliability of electricity supply to the settlement of Rakitnoye and a number of settlements of Rakityansky and neighbouring Yakovlevsky districts and as well for already in operation enterprises of GC "Agro-Belogorie", "Metall-group", etc.

IDGC of Centre will spend about 450 million rubles on the project implementation. It is scheduled to complete the work in 2015.

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