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IDGC of Centre summed up the work on metrological support of production in 2013

3 April 2014

Over the past year 10,610 units of reference and working measuring instruments were calibrated, 13,896 measuring current and voltage transformers were verified, installed in commercial metering systems of electricity, 4,438 electricity metering devices were checked. 16,877 working measuring instruments and 2,667 technical electricity metering devices were also calibrated. The work plan for metrological support of production of IDGC of Centre for 2013 was performed in full.

In 2013 metrological supervision over the condition and use of measuring instruments was implemented in all the Company’s branches and departments of metrology and electric power quality of the branches in accordance with the approved work plans for metrological support of production. Identified violations were eliminated in accordance with the set deadlines.

Employees of metrology and electric power quality constantly work on maintaining the database of measuring devices in SAP ERP, which results in further opening up new opportunities for data analysis and work optimization on metrological support of production.

For work performance on the periodic quality control of electrical energy and customer complaints the branches use multifunctional devices to measure all indicators of electric power quality and evaluate compliance of their values with the standards.

Over the past year and has been the work was performed on 4,711 valid complaints about electric power quality. In comparison with the year of 2012 (8,615 valid complaints regarding electric power quality) there is a positive trend of reducing the number of valid complaints for electric power quality. According to the results of work on the complaints and measurements made in the course of periodic monitoring of electric power quality indicators, the need was identified to take measures to bring the electric power quality performance to the standard in 4,764 cases. Of them in 2013 4,039 activities were performed. The failure to bring the electric power quality indicators performance to the established standards by 100% is due to the need for design and survey work, construction work, conducting trade and procurement procedures to select a contracting agency for the above work, etc.

Work on metrological support allows to achieve unity and required accuracy of measurements in transmission and distribution of electric energy, and the periodic monitoring of electric power quality helps timely identification and elimination of inconsistencies in electric power quality parameters to the established norms.

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