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Director of IDGC of Centre — Lipetskenergo division Alexander Konanykhin awarded a commemorative medal of EMERCOM of Russia "Marshal Vasily Chuikov"

27 February 2014

This award is given to EMERCOM workers, who have worked in the department at least 10 years, as well as other citizens for many years of impeccable service to the cause of civil defense, improving management, communication and warning system for civil defense forces, maintaining their high degree of readiness to act as intended.

Separately EMERCOM’s leadership marked activities of emergency and rescue units of Lipetskenergo. For the successful solution of problems in the field of civil defense, prevention and elimination of emergency situations, fire safety and safety on water bodies Lipetskenergo was awarded the 1st place among other regional emergency and rescue units.

Lipetskenergo assigned a prominent place to improvement of activities in the field of civil defense.

In 2013, with the aim of further improving the protection of personnel and power facilities at emergencies the Lipetsk branch of IDGC of Centre held 19 emergency trainings and special exercises, and 1 comprehensive training, 3 command and post, 1 command and staff training, 1 special exercise with a Distribution Zone, in which, together with the General Directorate of EMERCOM of Russia in the Lipetsk region, operational dispatching personnel of the Lipetsk Transmission Control Centre, a branch of FGC UES Upper-Don PMES and executive authorities, worked out actions to eliminate emergencies and transfer of civil defense from peacetime to wartime situation. Efficiency of interaction from the training sessions was provided by used videoconferencing and electronic information exchange systems.

In total last year around 2,124 employees of the branch had their preparation for actions in emergency situations, of which – 189 members of the emergency and rescue units.

An important role was given to provision of staff and personnel of the emergency and rescue units with personal protective gear, equipment, materials, special vehicles needed for work on the prevention and elimination of emergencies.

Implementation of these measures will minimize the consequences of possible emergency situations of natural and man-made character and ensure sustainable operation of power facilities in the Lipetsk region.

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