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Representatives of IDGC of Centre took part in the Olympic Torch Relay

20 January 2014

Several employees of IDGC of Centre took part in the Olympic Torch Relay stages «Sochi 2014», held during the past week in Central Federal District.

In Bryansk among the torchbearers there was IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division director Roman Stefanov. This honorable mission was entrusted to him by the Organizing Committee of the XXII Olympic Winter Games for active participation of Bryanskenergo in sports, cultural and social life of the region. January 15 the branch director carried the symbol of the Olympics with sacred fire of Greece burning inside it at one stage of the relay in Fokinsky district near Bryansk. «Sports in my life takes an important place. I am proud that I had the opportunity to carry the Olympic flame. For me it is very significant that I was able to make a contribution to a great and important thing for our country,» stressed the head of Bryanskenergo.

January 16 the Olympic flame arrived in the Kursk region. Among the residents of Kursk, who was honoured to carry the sacred fire of Greece in the streets of the regional centre, was a representative of Kurskenergo Sergey Tokarev. Among the torchbearers he was included for contribution to the development and promotion of sports in the region. Headed by Sergey Tokarev Kursk Volleyball Federation is experiencing a rebirth, and the main women’s volleyball team in the region «Polytech» last year for the first time in the history of the Kursk sports won the right to play in the major league «A» of the Championship of Russia.

And January 17 in the streets of Belgorod the Olympic flame was carried by a specialist of administrative department of the branch of Tverenergo Elizaveta Kostrova. Elizaveta is one of the best athletes of the Tver branch. She successfully defends its honor at ski and athletics competitions within corporate sports days, and regularly participates in various stages of Russian competitions. «For me it is an unforgettable experience. I am grateful to the company for giving me the opportunity to become part of the Olympics history and present power engineers during the Belgorod stage of the relay,» says Elizaveta.

Another representative of the company, the head of energy conservation and efficiency office of IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division Sergey Pervushin entered the reserve team of torchbearers at a stage of the relay, held on January 12 in the Tambov region. Sergey is a many times winner and prize holder of Spartakiads of the branch of «Tambovenergo» in athletics and swimming, an active advocate for a healthy lifestyle. «Actually, I had no chance to carry the Olympic flame. But I am proud that I was a reserve torchbearer and appreciate high confidence that the company gave me by having chosen my nomination of two thousand Tambov power engineers,» he underlines.

The Olympic Torch Relay started October 7, 2013. In total, it will go through 2,900 settlements of 83 regions of Russia, 14 thousand people will take part in it. The relay will finish February 7, 2014 in Sochi — the opening day of the XXII Winter Olympic Games.

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