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IDGC of Centre is summarizing the results of public awareness efforts within a program to reduce the risk of injury to third parties at the Company's facilities

26 December 2013

Preventing accidents at power facilities of the company is one of the main tasks of IDGC of Centre. For its effective solution a comprehensive program was developed and approved to reduce the risk of injury to third parties at the company’s power facilities. In 2013, a range of activities was performed within the program.

Representatives of the company through the media, including radio and television throughout the year were informing the public about the dangers of approaching the live parts and penetration electrical installations and inadmissibility of violations of the rules for the protection of electrical systems. More than 1,200 publications were posted by IDGC of Centre’s branches in printed media, more than 1,000 video clips and TV stories on electrical safety were released. Advertisement on prevention electrical injuries was posted on trolleybuses and buses.

Preventive printing products on safety measures during loading and unloading operations in exclusion zones along overhead power lines were distributed in units of traffic police carrying out state registration of specialized vehicles, as well as in places of instrumental control and inspection. IDGC of Centre’s power engineers also carried out joint raids with the participation of representatives of law enforcement agencies to identify illegal connections to the electricity grid and the illegal construction in exclusion zones along overhead power lines. For example, Kurskenergo had 92 raids with representatives of law enforcement agencies. During such checks 89 acts were made up amounting to 1,181.756 kW of unmetered consumption of electric energy by legal entities and 435 acts for residential customers amounting to 1,306.919 kW, as well as 6 acts for 10,947 kW of non-contracted electric energy consumption by legal entities and 12 acts for 211,166 kW of residential customers were compiled.

IDGC of Centre conducted 640 inspections of exclusion zones in the branches (in the period from August 1 to September 1, 2013), during which 2,795 violations were revealed (illegally constructed facilities: markets, shops, filling stations, residential homes, garages and vehicle parking lots, etc.)

During inspections of overhead lines in quarter 1, 2 and 3 of 2013 275 notices were sent to owners of illegally constructed facilities in the exclusion zone along conductors to eliminate violations, indicating some possible liability in case of injury to unauthorized persons, 179 letters were sent to local executive authorities, prosecutors and Rostehnadzor.

The relevant applications to the prosecuting authorities and executive bodies were also forwarded. Within joint programs of IDGC of Centre and local governments, departments of Energy and Utilities to prevent injuries at electric grid facilities IDGC of Centre’s branches performed removal of buildings and other structures illegally constructed and having no agreement with organizations owning the lines out of exclusion zones of overhead lines.

Particular attention is given to the prevention of children’s electrical injuries.

Specialists of the executive office of IDGC of Centre developed and gave to the regions layouts of books, colouring books, bookmarks, lesson timetables and other products. T power installations located in settlements near childcare centres additional hazard warning signs were applied. Measures are taken to remove electrical installations from the premises of school of, playgrounds, areas of mass construction, dangerous sections of overhead lines with bare are replaced with cables, overhead lines with insulated wires, self-supporting insulated conductors, and self-supporting insulated 6 −35kV cables.

Distribution Zones hold Open Doors Days for pupils in middle and high school. To prevent children’s electrical injuries IDGC of Centre’s branches together with the regional education departments conduct lessons on electrical safety in preschool, general and specialized secondary institutions. As part of «weeks on electrical safety» the company’s branches organized and conducted a round of the book presentations «Energolandiya» in regional and district libraries. The presentation of the book in Belgorodenergo gave a start to the regional action «Electrical Safety for Kids», Tverenergo passed the entire edition of the book (more than 1,000 copies) to the Department of Education and Distribution Zones for distribution in educational institutions of the city and districts.

IDGC of Centre also issued a new manual «Materials and guidelines for the preparation and holding lessons on electrical safety». This guide is recommended to help the teacher — the organizer of the basics on life safety for preparing and conducting lessons on electrical safety in the course of study of the subject «Life Safety». The author of «Materials and guidelines for the preparation and holding lessons on electrical safety» is Eduard Anpilov — Engineer of industrial control and safety from IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division.

In the near future the book will be sent to IDGC of Centre’s branches, and then — to schools and libraries of the regions. Also, the manual will be posted electronically on the pages of social networks of IDGC of Centre.

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