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Yaroslavl power engineers are restoring electricity supply

13 December 2013

Sleet, rain and gusty southwest wind, up to 18 m/s, again caused a partial interruption of power supply of residents of the Yaroslavl region. Opening and entangled wires of power lines, falling under the weight of wet snow forest trees are observed in the territory of Pereslavsky, Rybinsky and Borisoglebsky municipal districts.

Yarenergo has the operational headquarters, which coordinate the restoration status. The first responding and restoration operation involve 56 first responding and repair crews, 292 people, and 59 necessary special vehicles. The power engineers are eliminating the consequences of the bad weather in collaboration with the territorial office of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, and the local district administrations. Socially significant facilities have not been affected. By the end of the day the power engineers plan to restore the damaged by the bad weather power supply.

In connection with the sustainable preservation since the end of November of the unfavourable atmospheric front for the grid in the Yaroslavl region (abundant precipitation in the form of sleet, sudden changes in temperature «plus» — «minus», gusty wind) the power engineers of IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division are working around the clock on high alert.

To restore power supply resources from the northern Distribution Zones of Yarenergo were relocated to Pereslavsky municipal district. Crews of federal state unitary enterprise «Forest Service» are assisting. In Pereslavlsky district a temporary information centre was opened. For detailed information on the progress and completion time estimate, please call (48535) 3-52-80.

Yarenergo is ready to set up temporary information centers that reduce the information load on operators’ shifts and make the public aware of the progress and forecasts of the emergency and restoration operations, if necessary, in other areas of the region as well.

The company operates the around the clock direct phone line of power engineers at 8-800-50-50-115. The call is toll-free.

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