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Power engineers of IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division have eliminated massive power outages caused by bad weather

3 December 2013

Power engineers of Bryanskenergo have eliminated massive power outage in the districts of the Bryansk region affected by bad weather. The high alert operation mode, which was in place in the branch, was cancelled at 02:30 p.m. in agreement with the head of the operational headquarters of IDGC of Centre.

Please, be reminded that on the night of 2 December 3, 2013 a sharp deterioration in weather conditions associated with a powerful cyclone passing through the territory of the Bryansk region with wet snow and strong gusty winds, up to 18 meters per second, led to power outages in the settlements of Starodubsky and Karachevsky districts. The interrupted area includes 17 localities, where more than two thousand people reside.

Bryanskenergo set up the high alert operation mode at the time of which all first responding and restoration forces were brought into full mobilization readiness to address possible consequences of the bad weather. Specialists of the branch promptly began eliminating technological disturbances. In total, the first responding and restoration work involved 9 crews of specialists, 9 vehicles and more than 30 specialists.

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