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Tver power engineers are restoring electricity supply

2 December 2013

Specialists of IDGC of Centre — Tverenergo division are eliminating effects of bad weather.

The strengthening wind and sleet again caused power outages in some districts of the Tver region. The most seriously affected areas are Andreapolsky, Kalyazinsky, Toropetsky, Zharkovsky and Zapadnodvinsky districts.

Based on the weather forecast, which informs of further worsening of the weather conditions in the Tver region, the branch has set up the operation mode of «increased readiness». Tverenergo has also established a crisis management centre for the disaster relief.

To date, restoration of electricity is being performed first at socially important facilities. 52 crews of repair personnel, equipped with all the necessary special vehicles, consisting of 156 people, are involved in the first responding work.

It is planned to restore the power supply by the end of the day.

All information about the power restoration status can be received via the around-the-clock toll-free direct line of power engineers at 8-800-50-50-115.

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