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IDGC of Centre issued a new manual on electrical safety

28 November 2013

The author of «Materials and guidelines for the preparation and conducting lessons on electrical safety» was Eduard Anpilov — an engineer of industrial control and safety of IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division.

The author successfully worked out the structure and found an approach to presenting a rather complex and extensive theme on electrical safety. The book can easily be used in the preparation of essays, reports, and newsletters of schoolchildren. It should be noted that the manual is not only useful for lessons on «Life Safety», but also for conducting lessons on electrical safety in the course of study of other subjects: physics, chemistry and biology.

In the «Guidelines» E. Anpilov presented electrical safety issues in an accessible form, and the section «Terms of electrical safety» contains definitions from the power industry that are necessary for children and parents to know.

In the near future the book will be sent to IDGC of Centre’s branches, and then to schools and libraries of regions. Also, the manual will be posted electronically on the pages of social networks of IDGC of Centre.

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