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IDGC of Centre to increase the capacity of the substation, which supplies power to the eastern part of Belgorod

26 November 2013

IDGC of Centre is completing the reconstruction of the 110/35/10 kV substation «Eastern», which is located two kilometres from the settlement of Razumnoye and supplies power to large industrial enterprises of Belgorod and Belgorod district. The work is being performed in the framework of the annual reliability program. The cost of the project is 240 million rubles.

At the moment the capacity of the substation is 50 MVA. That’s not enough for the sufficient supply for industrial and residential customers of the rapidly growing Belgorod metropolitan area. After the reconstruction of the facility the power will increase to 80 MVA. In addition, the power engineers will replace outdated equipment with new, the parameters of reliability and efficiency of which will meet modern technical standards.

At the substation outdoor switchgear of 35 kV and 110 kV, and 6 kV indoor switchgear will be completely modernized, and a new block- modular building of the substation control house will be constructed. Application of modern gas-insulated switches, surge arresters, disconnectors with electric drives and with polymer support and rod insulation, microprocessor relay protection and automation will significantly increase the level of reliability of the facility and quality of power supply to consumers.

In addition to basic electrical equipment the supply centre will have its re-installed automated system of commercial electric power metering, remote control and communication systems, a perimeter alarm system and CCTV. Operational management of the facility will be provided from the Grid Control Centre of Belgorodenergo without attracting staff.

To reduce the amount of electricity that goes for its utility needs, for lighting and electric heating systems for technical facilities the power engineers used energy-efficient infrared heaters, LED lighting and energy-saving lamps. According to the specialists’ calculations, they will reduce the total amount consumed on its utility needs by 30-40%.

In addition to the facility, the company is reconstructing entries of 6-35 − 110 kV overhead lines.

In total according to the reliability program this year 7 substations of 35-110 kV will be comprehensively renovated, and another 18 will have partial modernization with replacement of operational current systems, installation of maintenance-free batteries and microprocessor arc fault protection.

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