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Young specialists of IDGC of Centre presented reports at the Fourth International Scientific and Technical Conference "Electric Power Industry through the Eyes of the Youth"

25 November 2013

In Novocherkassk the IV International Scientific and Technical Conference ended, organized by JSC «System Operator of the Unified Energy System» (JSC «SO UES») and the South — Russian State Polytechnic University named after M. I. Platov (YURGPU).

The forum was attended by over 350 students, candidates for a master’s degree and graduate students from leading technical universities in Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Bulgaria, Latvia, Iraq and Vietnam, as well as employees of JSC «SO UES» and the leading Russian grid and generating companies. Young scientists raised a number of important topics, from modelling and optimization of electric power systems operation modes to market-based mechanisms implementation in the electricity industry.

IDGC of Centre was represented by young professionals: Sergey Novikov (Executive Office) and Alexander Bredikhin (Executive Office), Leading Engineer Vladimir Gusev (Voronezhenergo), Engineers Pavel Elantsev and Sergey Malyukov (Belgorodenergo), Engineer Alexander Ushakov (Tambovenergo), Leading Engineer Ilya Gusev (Kostromenergo), Head of relay protection and automation Gennady Merzlikin (Lipetskenergo), Head of electric operation modes Alexey Magon (Smolenskenergo), Engineer Denis Lanskov (Tverenergo), Engineer Ilya Skaldutsky (Yarenergo) and Engineer Alexander Scherbakov (Orelenergo).

The conference participants discussed the latest achievements in the field of electricity, presented their own developments, shared their opinions and impressions. Work of the young professionals at the sections was with the direct participation of moderators from the professorial — teaching staff of YURGPU.

Sergey Novikov, Chief Specialist of Technical Development Department:
— Currently, there are not many major sites where young professionals of the electricity industry could communicate and share ideas. That is why the conference, held on the site of YURGPU, attracted the attention of IDGC of Centre. It is worth noting the high organizational level of the event, a variety of topics for reports, activity with which participants defended their own opinions. Certainly, it is necessary to support such formats of communication and exchange of ideas among innovation -minded young people, develop the skills to work together to address the problem tasks identified within the sections.

Ilya Gusev, Leading Engineer of Kostromaenergo:
— I consider the participation of IDGC of Centre’ employees in such events obligatory, as they support the link between the science and practice. And the result of this interaction can be really useful and relevant technical solutions for the grid complex.

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