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IDGC of Centre to construct a large 110 kV substation in Shebekinsky district of the Belgorod region

21 November 2013

The 110/ 10 kV «Nezhegol» substation will appear in the next year near the village of Voznesenovka in Shebekinsky district, 80 meters from the new, unique of its kind lysine sulfate manufacturing plant with its capacity of 35 thousand tons per year. The volume of investments for grid connection of «Premix plant # 1» will be about 780 million rubles.

«Premix plant # 1» will be the country’s largest producer of feed additives for all animal species. According to specialists, the production will allow to eliminate the dependence on imports of Russian consumers initially by 60% and in the future to start exporting goods. The first products will be manufactured in 2014, and the company will start working at full capacity in 2015.

IDGC of Centre will provide electricity supply to shops of fermentation, starch and treacle production, an administrative and household building, a boiler and a water supply system of the plant. In total 28 points will be set up to connect to the grid. The maximum capacity of all power consumers of the facility of the first category of reliability will be 29 MW.

For reliable power supply of the enterprise, taking into account long-term development of the industrial cluster, the 110 kV substation «Nezhegol» will be constructed with its installed capacity of 80 MVA and a whole set of electric grid infrastructure. The electric power system of the region will additionally include over 30 km of overhead lines and 16 modular package transformer substations of 0.4-10 kV.

At the supply centre the power engineers will install two power transformers of 40 MVA each. The substation control house will be designed as a modular building, combined with 10 kV indoor switchgear. Its 110 kV outdoor switchgear will have disconnectors with actuators from polymer with support and rod insulation and 110 kV gas-insulated circuit breakers. All equipment will be protected against overvoltage and equipped with a set of microprocessor relay protection, which in real time can monitor the performance of the feeding centre and instantly react to the occurrence of abnormal situations.

The facility will be equipped with reliable and modern means of remote control integrated into the operational and information complex. An automated substation control system will continuously monitor the operation of power equipment and control it in real time, on instructions and under the supervision of the operator. The system prohibits failed commands that will almost completely eliminate the so -called «human factor».

Transmission of telemetry data will be provided on-line via two independent channels of communication. Along with this, the time of measurement and transmission of parameters from the substation to the Grid Control Centre of Belgorodenergo will not exceed two seconds, and the performance of commands — 10 seconds.

It should be noted that the substation will be designed taking into account the use of modern energy-saving equipment — infrared heaters with automatic control and LED lighting. In particular, the heating will be automatically switched on at +5 and below and also automatically switched off at the temperature above +5. This enables to save up to 35% of its own electricity needs.

The construction of the substation «Nezhegol» is scheduled to complete in 2014.

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