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IDGC of Centre is upgrading the substation "Zadonsk- Rural" in the Lipetsk region

18 November 2013

IDGC of Centre has completed a comprehensive reconstruction of the substation 35/10 kV «Zadonsk — Rural» in Zadonsk district of the Lipetsk region, as a result its capacity increased from 2.5 to 4 MVA. The increase in power of the feeding centre was caused by the need to meet the energy needs of the developing SEZ of the regional level of the tourist and recreational type «Zadonschina».

As part of the reconstruction the substation has the main set of construction, installation and commissioning activities performed to replace the power transformer T-2 2.5 MVA with a new, more powerful 4 MVA auto-transformer. The equipment installation of 35 kV switchgear, relay protection and automation, an automated process control system, communication systems, intra- cable lines was also performed.

All the completed work was performed in accordance with current standards in the field of environmental protection. 22.8 million rubles were spent on these purposes.

Te substation «Zadonsk — Rural» was put into operation in 1968. It is one of the most important supply centres of the Lipetsk power centre. Power supply of about 6,000 residents of Zadonsky district and community facilities such as Zadonsky bakery, school # 1 and Zadonsky central district hospital depends on the safe operation of the substation.

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