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Management of IDGC of Centre took part in the annual VTB Capital conference «RUSSIA CALLING!»

4 October 2013

Management of IDGC of Centre took part in the 5th Annual VTB Capital Investment Forum «RUSSIA CALLING!», held in Moscow on 1-3 October 2013.

For three days of the Forum panel discussions were held with representatives of the state, heads of major Russian and foreign corporations, as well as one-on-one meetings of representatives of Russian companies with international investors. The second day of the Investment Forum was opened with the plenary session «New Horizons of Growth: how to achieve them», which was attended by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. He shared his views on the further development of the Russian economy and answered questions from the Forum’s participants. The central questions of the plenary session were the strategy of economic development of Russia, the role of the state in the investment growth model and the importance of labour productivity as a source of increasing income.

On the third day of the Forum the management of IDGC of Centre held 14 one-on-one meetings with representatives of both Russian and foreign investment funds. During communication with the investment community IDGC of Centre reported results of operations for the six months of 2013 according to IFRS, commented on the current situation on tariff regulation, and provided projections for the medium term. The Company’s dividend policy, plans to reduce controllable costs in 2014 at least by 5% of the level in 2012, as well as the task of decreasing the unit cost of the investment program sparked the greatest interest among the investors.

The Company’s management regularly participates in investment forums and industry conferences of Russian and foreign investment banks, and IDGC of Centre has participated in the VTB Capital conference «RUSSIA CALLING!» for the fourth consecutive year. Sergey Rumyantsev, Deputy General Director for Economy and Finance of IDGC of Centre, highly appreciated the outcome of the conference. He noted that «participation in the dialogue with the representatives of the investment community can bring to the market not only the most up to date information on the activities of IDGC of Centre, but also receive opinions of shareholders and investors about the performance of the company, learn their views on the further development of the industry as a whole, as well as discuss the most important factors of investment attractiveness of the company.»

More details on the presentation materials for the conference, as well as sign up for informational materials of the Company can be found at: http://www.

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