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IDGC of Centre has started to fulfill the functions of a supplier of last resort in the Smolensk region

1 October 2013

October 1, 2013, IDGC of Centre has started to fulfill the functions of an electricity supplier of last resort in the Smolensk region. This status has been assigned to IDGC of Centre by the Order of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation. The reason was the decision of the Supervisory Board of Non-Profit Partnership «Market Council to organize an effective system of the wholesale and retail trading of electric energy and power» to deprive JSC «Smolenskenergosbyt» of the status of a wholesale market subject on September 23, 2013.

In the first place, in order to organize the performance of the functions of an electricity supplier of last resort, the company’s specialists are carrying out activities to create full-time jobs, including preparations for the smooth operation of IT infrastructure and operational meter reading of customers and organizations serviced in the region.

The transition of the functions of a supplier of last resort to IDGC of Centre does not entail a change in the conditions of purchase of electricity to customers in the region.

For information:
On 30.12.2012 Resolution № 1482 of the Russian Federation Government «On amendments to the Acts of the Government of the Russian Federation on the change of the procedure to replace suppliers of last resort» was signed, which regulates the issues to deprive unscrupulous power supply companies of the status of a wholesale market subject and a supplier of last resort, and to empower territorial grid organizations with these statuses. Until recently, this issue has been extremely relevant for the Smolensk region, where the power supply company had multi-million debts in the wholesale electricity market.

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