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IDGC of Centre will provide reliable power supply to polling stations during the elections September 8, 2013

5 September 2013

In anticipation of a single day of voting, 8 September 2013, IDGC of Centre has implemented a range of measures to ensure reliable power supply of polling stations located in the service area of the company.

Currently, the power engineers have completed close monitoring of electrical equipment, which will power supply to the polling stations and power lines. The company’s specialists also provided for the use of standby power supply sources.

On the single day of voting in the branches of IDGC of Centre there will be the high alert operation mode, with managers and first responding and repair crews being on duty at the workplace. Technical staff received required additional instructions.

«The company came up with a serious responsibility to the organization of uninterrupted power supply to the polling stations for the duration of the single day of voting on September 8, so the preparation had begun in advance,» comments Deputy Chief Engineer for electric grid facilities management of IDGC of Centre Evgeny Turapin. «To date, the power supply circuit has been put to the condition of maximum reliability, and the elections should be held without any technical failures.»

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