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IDGC of Centre has prepared IT- infrastructure for the autumn-winter operation 2013/2014 period

2 September 2013

In preparation for the autumn — winter peak loads IDGC of Centre has carried out a set of measures on preparation of its IT-infrastructure.

Currently, the company has fully formed and filled up an emergency supply for its automated energy management systems.

IT- specialists have performed full-time internal audits of all branches for the presence of remarks to the operation of the automated energy management systems and the TC from the system operator and the technical unit, resulting in a schedule formed to address them.

On a regular basis testing of diesel-generator sets (DGS) and uninterruptible power supply sources (UPS) is performed.

As part of the modernization of the collection and transmission of information system (ICTS) the company has completed modernization and installation of new equipment at 16 substations.

Until the end of 2013 it is planned to complete the work at other 14 facilities.

The issue of effective functioning of the IT- infrastructure is equivalent to the success of the company’s activity, so IDGC of Centre pays special attention to it. According to IT Director — Head of Information Technology Department of IDGC of Centre Andrey Dudin : «Modern information technology is not only a system of exchange of huge amounts of data, but also the advanced control system over the company’s technological equipment. The use of new information technologies in the modernization of the electric grid allows us to significantly reduce the liquidation time of equipment failure, greatly decreasing the time of its outage and as a result improving the quality of customer service.»

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