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IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division held training for technical staff

30 August 2013

Each Distribution Zone determined topic workshops individually. Thus, in the Yaroslavl Distribution Zone, it was decided to further work out skills to turn off switching devices in 0.4 kV networks and install grounding. Power engineers of the Poshekhonsky Distribution Zone paid special attention to the safe production of routine switching. The foreman on the diagnostics of electrical equipment Andrey Grishin told in detail about types of and features of load disconnecting switches, and showed the correct procedure for switching on a special training bench. Another lesson in the Poshekhonsky Distribution Zone was organized for crews operating distribution networks. It was dedicated to safety measures for adjustment and lubrication remote switches.

In Rybinsk a workshop included connection of a redundant power supply source. On the eve of the elections a situation was simulated where as a result of technological violation one of the polling stations was de-energized. As a result, the power engineers not only had some training in the safe operation of a diesel generator, but also worked out arrangements for early restoration of energy supply of socially important facilities.

Power engineers must perform work on the equipment in full compliance with the requirements for health and safety. These classes are designed to identify potential weaknesses and take additional questions arising from the experts as they work. Chiefs of the Distribution Zones of Yarenergo note that with each new training staff has fewer drawbacks and their technical competence grows. This indicates an increase in the safety of the power engineers themselves and more reliable and high quality service of electric grid facilities of the Yaroslavl region.

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