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IDGC of Centre summed up the collective negotiations on amendments to the Collective Agreement

5 July 2013

IDGC of Centre completed collective bargaining to change the Collective Agreement of IDGC of Centre for 2013 — 2014. The negotiations brought together representatives of the employees IDGC of Centre, authorized by the decision of the trade union committee of the primary trade union organization and the authorized representatives of the employer.

During the negotiations, which were constructive, the parties expressed their big support to follow the interests of employees and employers. Special attention was paid to the compliance of the changes in the Collective Agreement, the provisions of the sectoral collective agreement in the power industry of the Russian Federation for 2013-2015, adopted March 18, 2013. Bringing the provisions of the collective agreement to the requirements of the sectoral collective agreement for 2013-2015 is primarily aimed at improving the social protection of employees.

The main change in the Collective Agreement was the determination of a new minimum monthly wage rate (MMWR): from November 1, 2013 MMWR will be 5400 rubles. In the future, the MMWR indexation is provided in accordance with the consumer price index, twice a year.

Also, amounts for some of the most sought-after social transfers were increased, namely for the birth or adoption of a child, for employees with and bringing up to 3 or more children under 18 years of age, employees with children with disabilities, etc. According to the amendments made the term of the Collective Agreement will be extended until 31 December 2015.

«The amendments to the Collective Agreement of IDGC of Centre have kept or increased social obligations of the company in place. This is the agreed position of the trade union and the employer,» stressed HR Director of IDGC of Centre Inna Gromova. «The discussion of the changes to the collective agreement was taken part in by representatives of trade unions of all branches of IDGC of Centre. Open dialogue and partnerships that are currently established in IDGC of Centre with the representatives of trade union organizations have allowed us to create a document that takes into account the interests of all parties and to improve social protection for employees of our company.»

The Collective Agreement of IDGC of Centre was concluded on the basis of the Russian Federation legislation, sectoral tariff agreement in the power industry of the Russian Federation and is aimed to regulate social and labour relations in the company. Corporate social responsibility, enshrined in the Collective Agreement, includes the establishment of a competitive wage, and providing employees with additional benefits and guarantees as well.

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