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IDGC of Centre to construct the 110 kV substation «Milovidovo» in Smolensk

19 June 2013

The new 110 kV substation «Milovidovo» will be one of the most high-tech power facilities of the company.

New construction is due to the rapid development of the southern part of the city of Smolensk, which has an intensive housing construction, developing industrial and transport enterprises, and social institutions. The approved master plan of the urban district envisages the construction of a unique project in the history of Smolensk — a modern housing estate «Milovidovo» that combines the advantages of urban and suburban life. In an area of 200 hectares there will be highly comfortable homes, schools and kindergartens built. The infrastructure of the residential complex will be created with the use of Smart Grid elements.

The substation «Milovidovo» will be one of the key facilities in the urban energy sector. The project provides for the use of the most modern electrical equipment of SIEMENS Company. The substation will have two transformers of 25 MVA installed, which will allow to perform maintenance and repair work without restricting consumers, as well as compact 110 kV gas-insulated modules that combine in a single package several high-voltage electric devices: a circuit breaker, disconnectors, a voltage transformer and current transformers.

Construction of the substation «Milovidovo» will be another joint project of IDGC of Centre and «Siemens» LLC. Some of the SIEMENS technologies were first used just at the grid facilities of Interregional Distribution Grid Company of Centre. Among them — a gas-insulated module DTC, which is installed at the substations «Kotorosl» (Yaroslavl) and «Central» (Voronezh).

Implementation of the project «Milovidovo» is part of the Memorandum of Cooperation between JSC «Russian Grids» and concern «Siemens AG», which was signed in June 2013 by the Chairman of the Management Board of FGC UES Oleg Budargin and Chairman of the Board of «Siemens AG» Peter Loescher. The memorandum aims to implement innovative solutions in the power sector. Under the agreement, the parties intend to work together on a comprehensive modernization of the power grid facilities in the pilot areas, one of which will be the Smolensk region.

Start of the substation construction is scheduled for early 2014. Currently design and survey work is coming to an end.

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