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Results of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for 2012

14 June 2013

June 14th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of IDGC of Centre was held. The Meeting was held in person, chaired by Andrey Murov — Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company.

At the meeting, shareholders took part in the discussion and voting on the four items of the agenda:

   Approval of the annual report, annual accounting statements, including profit and loss statement of the Company, as well as the distribution of profit (including dividends) and losses of the Company following the results of fiscal year 2012.
   Election of members of the Board of Directors of the Company.
   Election of members of the Audit Commission of the Company.
   Approval of the Company’s Auditor.

The shareholders approved the annual report and annual financial statements for 2012, the distribution of profits following the results of 2012. By decision of the meeting 2,587.8 rubles out of 3,450.7 million rubles of net profit will be allocated for investment, and on the payment of dividends — 862.9 million rubles.

The shareholders decided to pay dividends for 2012 in the amount of RUB 0.02044 per ordinary share of the Company. The dividends will be paid in cash no later than 60 days from the date of the decision on their payment. ZAO «KPMG» was approved as the Company’s auditor for 2013.

The Shareholders’ Meeting elected a new Board of Directors that included:

Sergey Alexandrovich Arkhipov;
Alexander Markovich Branis;
Valery Anatolyevich Goncharov;
Sergey Alexandrovich Demin;
Oleg Yuryevich Isaev;
Madina Valeryevna Kaloeva;
Alexey Valeryevich Molsky;
Maxim Mikhailovich Saukh;
Roman Alexeyevich Filkin;
Oxana Vladimirovna Shatokhina;
Alexander Viktorovich Shevchuk.

The Audit Commission was elected as follows:

Igor Yuryevich Bogachev;
Ivan Alexeyevich Gaychenya;
Olga Vladimirovna Golubeva;
Marina Alexeyevna Lelekova;
Galina Ivanovna Meshalova.

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