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IDGC of Centre is actively working to promote healthy lifestyles

7 June 2013

In connection with the entry into force on June 1 of the Federal Law «On protection of public health from exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and the consequences of tobacco consumption» at the moment IDGC of Centre focuses on the fight against smoking. Today the company for its employees announced a contest of short stories on the theme «How I quit smoking».

In many branches of the company there are also the Days of quitting smoking held. Specialists of Voronezhenrego take an active part in the International Day of quitting smoking, which is held around the world on the third Thursday of November. On this day, representatives of the Youth Council of Voronezhenrego at smoking places in the premises of the branch place posters calling to give up the addiction. In the building of Voronezhenrego there is a mobile information exposition set about the dangers of smoking.

In Bryanskenergo on the day of quitting smoking similar posters and displays are placed in the building of the branch, as well as in Distribution Zones.

In order to promote healthy lifestyles annually sports competitions between the branches are held in IDGC of Centre. They have their own football, volleyball, basketball and other sports teams, participating in sports events of the company, and in regional championships too.

For example, the football team of IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division was the overall winner in the regional championship in mini-football of the 2nd league and won the main prize — the Cup of the Bryansk region.

IDGC of Centre — Tverenergo division regularly hosts competitions in mini-football. Every year in the winter «Ski Track of Tverenergo» is held — cross country skiing competitions. On the site of the Recreation Camp «Energetic» an autumn gathering «Golden Autumn» is held, the program of which includes football competitions, «Merry Starts», tug of war, summer biathlon and others. Tverenergo also has a hockey team.

Annually Yarenergo hosts winter and summer a travel gathering, summer and winter sports competitions where participants compete in mini-football, volleyball, athletics and weightlifting, tennis and swimming, bicycle races, cross-country skiing and ice-skating.

IDGC of Centre has also a practice of partial compensation of members of the Trade Union of expenditure for the purchase of season tickets for exercises in sports clubs and sections.

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