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Yargorelectroset has commissioned a new substation, which supplies power to the Tolga Convent

14 May 2013

OJSC «Yaroslavl city power networks» (a 100% subsidiary of IDGC of Centre) constructed and put into operation a new substation that provides reliable power supply to the Vvedensky Tolga Convent.

The Vvedensky Tolga Convent is considered to be the pride of the Yaroslavl land recognized a shrine of pilgrimage. People come from all over Russia to venerate the icon of the Mother of God of Tolga. Currently, it is one of the largest convents in the country. At the heart of the monastery complex there are four temples, a monastery courtyard, and nuns’ cells.

On the premises of the Tolga Convent there is boarding school for girls and a regency classroom, iconography, gilding, and sewing workshops, they have an own workshop of wood carving, a regular bakery, and an altar bread bakery. Another of the attractions of the Tolga Convent is an ancient cedar grove, planted four centuries ago. To power the monastery garden with water a pond was dug and an irrigation system was additionally adjusted. All this requires reliable and quality power supply.

For several years, since 2006, Yargorelectroset has been providing ongoing assistance to the monastery, quickly and efficiently resolving all the issues related to energy supply. In 2013, in accordance with the approved investment program, power supply facilities of the Tolga Convent were comprehensively reconstructed: a new package transformer substation of 6 kV was constructed, two transformers were installed, more than 300 metres of cable lines of 0.4 — 6 kV were replaced, a high-voltage line was reconstructed and taken to the balance of Yargorelectroset, outdoor lighting with modern energy-efficient lamps was installed at the monastery courtyard.

The work was being performed by power engineers of Zavolzhsky Distribution Zone of Yargorelectroset almost round the clock, and was completed within a month, on the eve of the main Orthodox Christian holiday of Easter. Given the particular historical value of the monastery, its unique shape, the power engineers had also to think about the look of the substation building, its painting. The new substation should not disrupt the integrity of the architectural ensemble of the monastery.

«The specialists of Yargorelectroset understand the importance of the smooth reliable power supply to the Tolga Convent,» stresses Director of Yaroslavl city power networks Sergey Zorin«, «it is not only the pride of Yaroslavl, pilgrims come here from all over Russia and abroad. Therefore, the power engineers are doing their best to supply high-quality power to the place of cultural and historical value.»

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