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IDGC of Centre has reviewed a collective appeal of employees of Orelenergo

17 April 2013

IDGC of Centre has reviewed a collective appeal of employees of Orlovsky Distribution Zone of Orelenergo on the implementation of the collective agreement in terms of wages.

Upon review of the issue in Orlovsky Distribution Zone an explanation of the formation of payroll of employees of Orelenergo for 2013 will be sent. Tariff and balance decisions in the Orel region provide for the current year scarce payroll. However, despite this, the company’s management had taken steps to keep a competitive salary. In January 2013 the wages of employees of the branch were indexed by 2.2%, during the year its rise by an average of 4% is also provided. To date, the average wage of employees in Orelenergo is fully competitive in the region and is 20 000 roubles, which is higher than the average wage in the Orel region. Conditions of the collective agreement are followed.

01.02.2013 according to Order of the Russian Ministry of Energy dated 24.01.2013 № 24-29, IDGC of Centre were transferred to the function of a supplier of last resort in the Orel region. This fact had no effect on the formation of the payroll of employees of Orelenergo. The company established separate divisions where retail employees of the deprived of the status of a supplier of last resort were employed with their existing conditions. For the retail company a separate retail markup was defined, the size of which does not affect the wages of employees of the branch.

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