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In IDGC of Centre 30% of management positions are held by women

7 March 2013

Energy has traditionally been considered an industry «with a male character». However, at present energy companies have a lot of working representatives of the fair sex, including in management positions, and this trend is gaining momentum.

In IDGC of Centre women hold 66 executive positions, representing 30% of the total number of managers. Top management of the company pursues a targeted personnel policy in the employment of women. IDGC of Centre’s management believes that a balanced approach to this issue provides increased business efficiency.

Experts in the field of HR believe that male and female position to address the same issues at work are often radically different and this leads to constructive discussions, which produce the most correct decision. Carried out by specialists in the field of HR studies show that these are women who are able to produce more custom business solutions. Ultimately, the combination of different types of management behaviour (male and female) contributes to the dynamic development of the company.

According to statistics, the number of women holding various management positions in Russian companies in the past year increased by 42%. Such qualities of women as better organization and a desire to develop evolutionarily in the chosen direction often play a decisive role in the choice of the applicant (male or female) to a leading position. Experts also note that women work at the same company longer than men, and have a greater capacity for work and diligence.

«Many women work at IDGC of Centre, a company that belongs to a “male” industry — electric grid. Women as well as men perform the most difficult and responsible work. “Healthy competition” with male colleagues makes us more determined to approach the task. And that, ultimately, leads to achieving the best results in our business,» says Inna Gromova, Acting HR Director — Head of HR and organizational design department of IDGC of Centre.

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