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Specialists of IDGC of Centre won the first round of the All-Russian contest «Engineer of the Year — 2012»

19 February 2013

Today, February 19, in Moscow, the summary of the first round of the XIII All-Russian contest «Engineer of the Year — 2012» ended. Two employees of IDGC of Centre — leading engineers of Belgorodenergo Ilya Balashov and Vladislav Stotsky — won in the category «Professional Engineers» and «Engineering of the Young».

Leading engineer of electric operation modes Service of the Grid Control Centre of Belgorodenergo Ilya Balashov on the results of the contest was awarded the title «Professional Engineer of Russia». He has participated in such major projects as the creation of the Grid Control Centre, the implementation of electric operation modes calculation with the software package RasterWin, which increased the efficiency of detection of «narrow» places and overloaded grid elements; the integration project of AMR «Basis» with RasterWin, enabling in an automated system to make data on loading of the substation equipment; the development and implementation of a number of organizational and technical measures to optimize operation modes of the power grid of 35-110 kV to reduce technical losses and increase the reliability of power supply to consumers of the Belgorod region.

Leading engineer of energy conservation and energy efficiency Office Vladislav Stotsky won in the category «Engineering of the Young». He developed a set of measures to address the unbalances and loss centers, updated the database in the IS-U module of the SAP ERP system, and increased the functionality of the given system. As Chairman of the Youth Council of Belgorodenergo he was directly involved in the creation of the Youth Innovation Centre and its first project – the Competence Centre for energy conservation and energy efficiency. In November 2011, based on the results of preliminary testing, conducted in Moscow, he was enrolled in the talent pool of IDGC Holding. In December of the same year he became a winner of the «Young support of IDGC Holding». His project «Creation of modular electricity metering systems» in July last year was given the State Duma award in the nomination «Projects for the development and implementation of energy saving technologies in the Russian regions and municipalities».

The All-Russian contest «Engineer of the Year» is aimed at identifying the best representatives of the scientific and technical intelligentsia, promotion of achievements and experience, drawing attention of state structures to engineering problems in Russia.

The founders of the contest are the Russian Union of Scientific and Engineering Organizations, the International Union of Scientific and Engineering Associations, the Academy of Engineering named after A.M. Prokhorov and the Interregional Public Fund for Scientific and Technological Progress. Its members may be engineers engaged in businesses, organizations and institutions of various forms of ownership. The contest is held in two versions: «Engineering of the Young» (for young professionals under the age of 30) and «Professional Engineers», whose length of work is not less than 5 years. The jury and the expert committees are composed of leading scientists, engineers and specialists in various industries of the national economy.

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