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IDGC of Centre increases the "intelligence" of grids

12 February 2013

In order to further automate grid management and improve the reliability of power supply IDGC of Centre is implementing a project on the application of innovative 35kV SMART 35 reclosers.

Its pilot implementation will be in the Lipetsk region, in the grid of the branch of the company - Lipetskenergo.

SMART 35 vacuum recloser is unique in its size and functionality of an intelligent switching device, combining the vacuum switch and relay protection with emergency automatics. The recloser islands the overhead power line and in the case of a fault a damaged section is isolated without disconnecting other consumers. Reclosers are controlled remotely, the data about the fault is immediately transferred to the operator of the Grid Control Centre via GSM-communication. This allows to reduce the time of fault location and isolation, as well as to decrease the cost of operation and maintenance personnel.

This is the world's first 35 kV device, which can be installed directly on the existing pole of an overhead power line.

In the Lipetsk region reclosers will be installed on a 35 kV tap pole for the protection of a 35 kV cable line section and 35 kV equipment of a mobile 35 kV station, designed to supply power to consumers of the satellite city of Romanovo during its construction. This solution will allow to implement in one switching device both the protection for the cable line to the 35 kV substation and protection of the 35 kV equipment of the substation. The costs of the branch on the performance of necessary construction works will be minimized as much as possible through the unique design features of the recloser: small size, which provides the device with mobility, high functionality and significant mechanical durability.

For domestic distribution grids the use of such high-tech devices is very important. Today's grids are made up by the radial-loop principle when long feeders with taps go to consumers from the main substation. When there is a fault in any section of the grid consumers’ supply is interrupted across the length of the power line and, as a rule, for a long time.

The use of the SMART 35 recloser will bring a section of the power supply circuit of specific consumers to a new level. This automation will significantly increase grid reliability, and allow to minimize operating costs.

The results of the pilot project to implement the SMART 35 recloser in the Lipetsk grid will be reviewed and accepted as the basis for distribution of the made in Russia advanced technology in grids of IDGC of Centre, to further improve energy efficiency of the company’s grid.

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