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IDGC of Centre conducts frequent monitoring of the grid infrastructure for some negative impact of road de-icing chemicals

4 February 2013

To prevent partial power outages caused by adverse influence of the de-icing agent on insulation of power lines and substation equipment, the management of IDGC of Centre decided to conduct frequent monitoring of grid equipment in the regions where the company operates.

This decision was taken in order to detect the early stages of insulation pollution.

Power lines and substations, which are located near highways and flyovers, are subject to increased frequency of inspections.

In order to provide additional control over the situation the management of IDGC of Centre organized interaction with the management of regional offices of traffic police, road services, local authorities in adopting measures to eliminate outages associated with the use of the de-icing agent.

In the name of the management of road and utility services of the Yaroslavl region telephone messages were sent for banning the use of chemical de-icing agents in the areas of roads and flyovers, which are located near the grid infrastructure in the service area of Yarenergo.

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