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IDGC of Centre shares the experience of the implementation of innovative projects

10 December 2012

Within the Third Yaroslavl Energy Forum IDGC of Centre hosted a round table discussion on the problems of innovative development of regional energy infrastructure.

The round table was attended by representatives of Russian and foreign energy companies, federal government agencies, the heads of the Russian Federation subjects and local governments, public organizations and associations, business, scientific and professional communities and public figures of Russia.

“Reports have been picked up that include offers of manufacturers — innovative developments, problematic issues and questions related to the more efficient use of funding sources of innovation”, — clarifies Deputy Director for development and sale of services of IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division Vladimir Bystritsky.

For the first time at the Yaroslavl Energy Forum a teleconference was set. Virtual participants of the discussion were colleagues from Kazan, where at the same time with the Yaroslavl Forum “Days of energy conservation” are being held.

Deputy Head of Innovation Department of IDGC of Centre Vladimir Kovalenko presented his report at the round table. He described in detail the working scheme of the company with innovative projects, from monitoring the actual proposals to implementation of a specific idea in production activity. In his view, the essential support in this process can be facilitated by a consolidated commercial approach to financing innovations that will address issues of investment and return on new technologies.

Yarenergo’s representatives emphasized the audience’s need for energy management — a clear system of energy cost management, allowing to adjust the level of consumption of resources, depending on the actual needs and requirements of the subject. Specialists of JSC “Energy Service Company” shared their experience on performing energy audit. The roundtable participants agreed that the field-specific energy audit is a must to improve energy efficiency both in the workplace and at home.

A foreign view of the problem was presented by colleagues from Germany. They spoke about the benefits of the material interest of the staff in the development of energy efficiency in their company. “In Germany, 10-30% of the cash, which the company receives as a result of increasing energy efficiency, is given to employees,” — told the audience about the features of the energy management Vice President of MSI FDP-AVAL (Germany) Gerhard Markov.

And another participant of the round table — Director of Research and Production Enterprise “CANOPUS” LLC Boris Sazhin made an interesting offer. He proposed to build on the outskirts of Yaroslavl a unique energy-efficient house, which will be used for alternative sources of energy. This home will be independent from centralized energy supply and will use wind energy, solar panels and a bio-reactor. They complement each other and constantly compensate. The cost of the house for 3-4 families, according to Boris Sazhin’s estimates, will be about 17 million rubles. The scientist is sure that one day in the world only such energy-efficient homes will be built.

At the end of the round table the scientific and advisory council, which monitors the application of Federal Law # 261-FZ “On energy efficiency ...”, awarded IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division with a certificate of merit for “Contribution to the development of energy efficiency of the Yaroslavl region”.

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