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Contact-Centre of IDGC of Centre enhances its work in the autumn-winter period

21 November 2012

During the autumn-winter peak load operation period the highest priority in IDGC of Centre is paid to the quality of customer service. Creating the most favourable conditions, the expansion of services, ensuring transparency, especially during outages — one of the main objectives of the company.

To receive customer calls IDGC of Centre operates its Contact-Centre; it has 90 incoming lines, which allows 90 callers to get on the phone. The Direct Power Hot Line at 8-800-50-50-115 operates around the clock and it is free for calls from all regions of Russia.

In preparation for the autumn-winter period joint exercises of branches of IDGC of Centre were held involving operators of the Contact Centres and specialists of temporary information Centres during which the interaction of the elimination of major failures was worked out.

This year, an automated system of workplace (AWP) of the Contact Centre’s and Distribution Zones’ operators of the branches has been put for its pilot operation and. AWP helps reduce customer service time, provides quicker with information, thereby improving the quality of customer service.

The company has its up and running procedure of receiving of requests of citizens: the operator of the Contact Centre requests contact information for the consumer to communicate with him, registers his request and transfers to the operator of the Distribution Zone information about the place and time of a power outage. With a large stream of incoming calls during failures information exchange is performed on the unplanned outages portal. In this case, the operator enters the information on a request, the Distribution Zone operator receives the request on-line and enters information on the portal about the outage cause, time of sending a crew, and estimated time of troubleshooting. This allows the operator of the Contact Centre to provide consumers with relevant information on restoration operations.

Today, more than half of the phone numbers of Distribution Zone operators of the branches have been transferred to the Contact-Centre. It made possible to optimize both the work of dispatching service and the Contact Centre.

In preparation for the autumn-winter peak load operation period the Contact Centre has launched a project on the application of modern VPN technology (Virtual Private Network), which brought together home PCs of operators and IP PBX of the Contact-Centre (within the project “Operator at home”).

When unplanned outages any operator of the Contact Centre having a home computer access around the clock can receive incoming telephone calls of citizens, inform them of the status of the liquidation of failures, send information on the lack of power supply and emergency situations from consumers to Distribution Zone operators.

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