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IDGC of Centre is implementing a new type of outdoor lighting poles

23 October 2012

IDGC of Centre in the Belgorod region is implementing a pilot project to install outdoor lighting lines with fiberglass poles.

Composite fiberglass outdoor lighting poles are a great alternative to concrete, metal and wooden poles. Their advantages are due to the unique properties of modern material, which is designed for sites where special importance is the protection of surfaces against corrosive influences. Such poles are cold-resistant, combine high strength and lightness, are characterized by long life — up to 50 years. The use of composite material as a base provides lightweight design — only about 90 kg. Transportation costs for delivery are reduced, and installation does not require the use of special equipment. Through the use of proprietary technologies the company can use poles of non-standard size and any colour, depending on the landscape.

One of the advantages of composite poles is a low risk to the vehicle in the event of a collision with the pole. Because of the unique material properties such pole is bent in a collision, causing the least harm to the car.

In the Belgorod region IDGC of Centre has for now installed 20 fiberglass outdoor lighting poles on the reconstructed section of the route Belgorod — Shebekino. Further following the results of efficiency estimation the project can be rolled out to other regions.

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