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IDGC of Centre has entered the rating of the largest companies by market value “Top 200 Capitalisation” of the rating agency “Expert RA”

2 October 2012

IDGC of Centre for the fifth consecutive year since 2008 has been among the top hundred of the largest Russian companies in the “Top 200 Capitalisation” under the project “Expert-400”, prepared by the rating agency “Expert RA” following the results of 2012. The main objective of this project — to identify the largest companies of the Russian economy, and based on the results of their work to examine the role of big business in Russia’s economic development, its structure and main development trends. The rating contributes to the transparency of the Russian economy and thus helps its intensification, establishing partnerships, and investment flows.

One of the most important strategic challenges that the management of the Company is facing is to increase the shareholder value and, consequently, investment attractiveness of IDGC of Centre. Management on an ongoing basis is involved in various activities of investment banks and companies aimed to effectively interact with representatives of the investment community and shareholders, and the Company also regularly conducts its own IR events. Reports related to the implemented initiatives in collaboration with the investment community are reviewed by the Company’s Strategy and Development Committee, and minority shareholders — members of the Committee take an active part in their review. The Company’ being in the given rating for 5 years is also a result of the effective implementation of the given strategic task.

A list of the IR activities of IDGC of Centre and presentation materials are available on the corporate website at:

The results of the rating can be found here:

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