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IDGC of Centre is taking steps to reduce the response time and time to eliminate consequences of failures

3 September 2012

In preparation for the autumn-winter peal loads IDGC of Centre tightens and implements a number of measures to reduce the maximum time of the elimination of technological infringements at its power facilities. Among the priorities — improving the work of emergency crews, joint use of the emergency reserve with other network utilities that may be involved in the elimination of emergency situations, to develop common technical operation schemes.

In 2012, the vehicle fleet has been upgraded and modernized in all branches of IDGC of Centre — in total 164 units of special equipment, most of which are off-road vehicles. These are crew cars on GAZ, ZIL, KAMAZ — 43106, Ural-4320, which are fully equipped with off-highway emergency and repair car centers. In the multi-van car there are bays provided not only for the equipment and tools, and organized places (including sleeping) for recreation of crews, meals, heating and ventilation systems are installed.

This year several branches of the company have taken off-road vehicles TREKOL on GAZ-34039. Passenger snow and swamp-going vehicle with its capacity of 8-10 people is designed for operation in the most severe road and weather conditions, it is able to overcome water obstacles, work in the mountains. With its powerful equipment of special vehicles crews of IDGC of Centre will be able to quickly complete the entire amount of repair work in the event of process failures in both urban and off-road conditions, to act quickly in case of failures in confined spaces.

Almost all motor transport shop of IDGC of Centre is equipped with automatic vehicle control and monitoring devices based on GLONASS/GPS “AutoTracker” system. First of all this system enables to visually track on electronic maps location and movement of special vehicles. Thus, in the event of a failure a Distribution Zone operator, also using geo-information system (GIS), has the ability to see the territorial location of all repair crews on the line and rapidly to send staff to repair, located near a damaged facility.

GLONASS/GPS “AutoTracker” also allows pave to make the best route for a crew vehicle.

One of the priority tasks of IDGC of Centre, in preparation for the next autumn-winter period is the formation of its emergency reserve. To date, the centralized emergency reserve of the company is restocked by 100%. Through its availability power engineers can minimize the time of the restoration work in force majeure conditions, with massive power outages of consumers.

854 redundant power supply systems are fully prepared to work. Each Distribution Zone of IDGC of Centre is provided with them.

IDGC of Centre created “energy special forces”: 90 crews of increased mobility of the total number of 519 people. This is a special emergency elimination mobile reserve, formed of highly qualified workers who have received additional training.

Today, they are fully equipped with communications, spare set of winter clothes and food. Mobile groups have capabilities to quickly move to any region and quickly begin work on the restoration of power supply. All mobile crews have been trained in the branches of the company, and also took part in emergency training.

Currently, IDGC of Centre signed agreements on cooperation with 433 territorial grid organizations in the area of eleven subjects of the Russian Federation and with subsidiaries of IDGC Holding (Kubanenergo, IDGC of Volga, OJSC “Moscow United Electric Grid Company”, etc.). The agreements set out how to require mobile crews, specialized equipment, and emergency reserve to eliminate massive and complex process violations.

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