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A working meeting of Dmitry Gudzhoyan with Yaroslavl Governor Sergey Yastrebov took place

24 August 2012

A working meeting between General Director of IDGC of Centre Dmitry Gudzhoyan and Governor of the Yaroslavl region Sergey Yastrebov took place. Both parties discussed the readiness of the distribution power grid in the region to operate through the autumn-winter peak load period.

Dmitry Gudzhoyan told the head of the region what is being implemented by IDGC of Centre —Yarenergo division to improve the reliability of power supply in the coming winter: a considerable amount of repair program has been completed, 100 percent of emergency reserve has been formed, manning of mobile crews has been added, which are fully provided with special equipment, and the fleet of mobile backup power has been increased.

The subject of the discussion at the meeting was also the future development of the electric grid of the Yaroslavl region. As part of the investment of Yarenergo the construction of new feeding centers — 110/10/6 kV substation “Novoselki” and 110/10 kV substation “CCGT CHP” has been started. The additional capacity will effectively implement a plan for the future development of the region in attracting major investors, strengthening the industrial and economic potential of the Yaroslavl region.

During the working visit to the Yaroslavl region Dmitry Gudzhoyan also had a production meeting with managers and specialists of Yarenergo on preparation for the autumn-winter period 2012/13 and a video conference call with all branches of the Company.

The meeting was held for the execution of the Order of the President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Government to sustain through the heating season. General Director of IDGC of Centre stressed that the timely delivery of certificates of readiness for the winter is a matter of professional integrity for the power engineers. Therefore the repair campaign should be completed by October 15 — the date of the commission start to assess the readiness of the branches for the winter, and the investment program should be implemented strictly in accordance with the approved plans. The main directions of preparation for winter should be the expansion and clearing of ROWs along power lines, the implementation of measures to reduce the time of restoration of power supply caused by interruptions.

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